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          Please see the list below for the faculty and staff positions that are currently available at The Master’s University & Seminary. A basic description of each job and its requirements may be obtained by clicking on the corresponding job title.

          专任教师岗位: 点击这里下载的教师就业申请(包括教条的声明)。


          对于工作人员的位置: 点击这里下载就业申请(包括教条的声明)。


          • 电子邮件 - humanresources@masters.edu
          • 传真 - 661.362.2717
          • 普通邮件 - 21726 placerita峡谷路,箱41圣诞老人Clarita,CA 91321
          • 如果您需要更多帮助,请致电(661)362.2842或humanresources@masters.edu人力资源部。


          注意: The Master’s University & Seminary does not post employment opportunities on LinkedIn. If you are seeking further 永利娱乐场app张贴在LinkedIn一个tmus作业本网页上的信息,请注意,这些帖子都是骗人的。 All official employment opportunities at The Master’s University & Seminary will be posted here on our website at www.8gktv.com/employment. Applicants should only apply directly through The Master’s University & Seminary Human 资源办公室。


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