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          Fall 2020 Traditional Registration

          Traditional students may pre-register for Fall 2020 and Summer 2020 courses starting Friday, March 13th.

          Important Dates:

          • Registration open to Seniors/Graduate Students (90 units completed): Monday, March 30th
          • Registration open to Juniors (60 units completed): Thursday, April 2nd
          • Registration open to Sophomores (30 units completed): Wednesday, April 8th
          • Registration open to Freshmen (<30 units completed): Monday, April 13th
          • Final day for priority registration: Friday, April 17th
          • Registration open for New Students: Monday, April 20th
          Graduation Contracts (December 2020 / May 2021 Graduates)

          All students planning to walk in the May 2021 graduation ceremony are encouraged to begin the Graduation Contract process before the end of their junior year.

          • STEP 1: Start your Graduation Contract.
          • STEP 2: Meet with your major advisor.
          • STEP 3: Pay your graduation fee.
          • STEP 4: Schedule an appointment with the Registrar’s office to finalize your contract.
          Request Info

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